Parents Of Huntington Student Allegedly Choked, Meet With Interim Superintendent

" He squeezed my neck, and he squeezed it so hard, that my throat started hurting." On Wednesday, KSLA News 12 first  told you the story of 14 year old Huntington High Freshmen LaDosheia Williams. Williams says she was choked by the principal of the school after she says he pushed her while trying to break up a fight. " I was walking off with one of my friends, steady talking, saying he could've said excuse me, and he overheard me."
For more than an hour this morning, the parents of 14 year old LaDosheia Williams, and other parents from Huntington high, all met with Caddo Parish Interim Superintendent Rodney Watson, and Huntington High Principal Jerry Davis behind closed doors.
Marlon Williams, LaDosheia's father, says he's going to let the system do it's job, but is optimisitc about the outcome from the meeting. " Right now we're confident that the system is going to do whatever to find justice in the situation, and if not, then there are other steps that can be taken, to rectify what took place."
Caddo Parish Interim Superintendent Rodney Watson, says an investigation into the matter is ongoing. " We have an investigative process that is honest, and to assure them that we would conduct that policy according to our guidelines."
When asked, if Davis would be removed as principal while the investigation was ongoing, Watson told us... that decision would be made once the investigation is complete. So we decided to ask Jerry Davis the question " Have you thought about removing yourself as principal while there is an investigation ongoing?... No comment.."
+.Marlon Williams says he's doesn't have anything against Jerry Davis personally, Williams says he's just doing what any parent would do, if it were there child. " We're not lashing out at Mr. Davis as an individual, but we do want people to understand that what he's done in our eyesight, and probably to those who watched the video, is unacceptable."