U.S. Army Celebrates Recruitment

A handful of people from the Ark-La-Tex embark on an event they'll remember for the rest of their lives. "It's a big step in my life, it's a better step in my life," says Jacobie Brydson, a U.S. Army recruit. They're joining the military. When asked how they talked her into this, Jennifer Rasberry said actually I came to them I want to be a doctor and take care of people. The swearing in is the last part of a series of steps that has the recruits going where they're told. Their military entrance process includes mental and physical testing, background checks, eye exams, and medical check ups. The U.S. Army has just met it's goal of 80,000 recruits, but wants more. Recent headlines indicate the Army has lowered standards to meet that goal, but this binder of physical requirements indicates a different story. It shows an increase in the amount of disqualifying factors.  The military entrance officials say in fact, the only thing that keeps an applicant out of the military is the applicant.