Dept. of Labor Releases 2006 Work Place Fatality Statistics

According to the Department of Labor, Louisiana ranks higher than the national average when it comes to fatal accidents in the work place and so do 28 other states.

The exact number of fatal accidents for all of last year is 118, that's up from 111 in 2005.

Officials with the Department of Labor say the 2005 number could be down because of hurricanes Katrina and Rita because in 2004 there were 121 fatalities.

The lowest year ever for fatal accidents here in Louisiana was in 2003 where there were 95.

In Louisiana last year 10 percent of workplace deaths happened over water. While 13 percent of the people died because they were hit by an object.

But most of the accidents, 16 percent of them happened while on the highway.

Cheryl Abbot with the department of labor says, "I know a lot of people don't think of those as highway accidents but they are and they typically account for the biggest share of fatalities on the job. So if I could give any advice it wold be try and be more careful on the roads."

Looking at the numbers as it relates to gender, 112 men and six women were killed and as far as ethnicity, 72 were white and 32 were black.