Huntington High Freshman Says Principal Choked Her.. Incident Caught On Cell Phone

It's a scene that would make most parents cringe. The thought of seeing your child choked by somebody else. But what if that somebody, was your child's principal? It's a scene 14 year old Ladosheia Willams has seen first hand. "He started squeezing my neck, and he squeezed it so hard, that my neck started to hurt."
Williams, a freshman at Huntington High says she was a innocent bystander to a fight on the campus Tuesday during lunch, and says when Huntington High Principal Jerry Davis attempted to break up the fight, she says Davis pushed her. " I was walking off with one of my friends, talking , saying he could've said excuse me. And he overheard me."
And that's when Willams said Davis put his hands around her neck, and began choking her. Some Huntington High School students we spoke with like Santana Williams on Wednesday say, they're shocked at what they saw at school. " He's saying he didn't do it, but the whole school, even teachers are saying that he did it."
Williams says she did hit Davis in defense, as she tried to free herself from his grip. Williams says there are reminders of the incident on her body an imprint of a finger on her face, and scratch on her chest. Williams' mother Venitta, says she went to the school to talk to Davis about the incident, and says Davis never mentioned anything to her, about possibly choking her daughter. "During that time, I talked to him. He assured me that he didn't do no hurt, didn't cause any hurt or harm to my daughter."
Venitta Williams says hours later, while at work, she received the video of the entire incident on her cell phone, and says regardless of what happened, there's no reason to justify his actions. " There's no way a man of that nature should be the head of that school, or any other school around any kids handling them like that."
For Ladosheia Williams and her mother, they say they would like to see Davis, suffer the same fate he recommended a month ago, to a former Huntington coach, so scenes like this like the one Ladosheia Williams saw, will never happen again. "I want him to reap what he has sowed. The same thing he recommended for Mr. Green, I would like to recommend for him."