Motel Residents Wake Up to Smoke

The sound of sirens and the smell of smoke gave the wakeup call for about 60 guests of a Shreveport residential motel early Wednesday morning.
  According to Shreveport firefighters, insulation on pipes inside a boiler room at Mid City Plaza caught fire around 1:30 a. m., sending smoke throughout part of  the horseshoe-shaped building in the 700 block of Jordan Street.  The building, part of which had been undergoing renovations, houses the motel as well as several businesses.
  Firefighters say it took them about an hour to extinguish the flames.
  "The toughest problem was just locating the fire...since it's in the middle of this open area, this building," said District Chief David Dice.  "It just took us a little while to get around and to find out where it was and get to it."
  Dice said Shreveport police officers helped to evacuate the motel portion of the building before firefighters arrived.  However, one resident who spoke to KSLA News 12 said that he and some of his neighbors remained inside their rooms throughout the ordeal.  There were no injuries reported.
  Crews with AEP/SWEPCO turned off electricity inside the building after the fire.  Although firefighters earlier reported that the residents would be displaced, the motel manager told KSLA News 12 that is not the case.  She said her tenants will be allowed to remain in their rooms, although they may have to spend a day or two without electricity.   
  Firefighters say the fire caused heavy damage to the boiler room.  The flames, though, did not spread beyond that area.  However, they say, smoke did reach other parts of the building.
   Story by Katrina Webber