Controversy At Water Treatment Plant

Employees at the Shreveport Water Treatment Plant say in recent months contractors working on these basins oversprayed a sealent.
The result: allegations of damaged vehicles in the employee parking lot.
"It's like the brillo pad where somebody tried to scratch something off the car and when you get it at an angle you can see all these little marks and everything," says an employee who wishes to remain nameless.
Workers say the problem began in late March.
In September, plant officials brought in a car wash service to clean the overspray.
Many employees say washing the cars scratched their vehicles.
"I said I'm not taking my car back to them. Look what they did the first time.  What do you think they'll do to it the second time?" said the employee.
We contacted a representative from Carboline: the maker of the sealent.
They said a normal car wash can't clean the sealent from a vehicle.
A specialized car wash company must buff the sealent off the vehicles.
A water treatment plant employee says that most of the cars and trucks that were affected by the epoxy were actually parked in a certain area of the parking lot. We're not allowed to bring our cameras into that area.
We got in contact with many different employees by phone and e-mail who all complained of damage to their vehicles.
"We didn't ask for this to happen, but it happened to us and they should straighten it out," says the employee.
Department of Operational Services Director Mike Strong says they'll do just that.
"We're going to see it through and we're going to make sure that it's handled properly and professionally and the contractor our there is a very reputable," says Strong. 
Story By Ben Wolf