Woman's Condition Critical After Shreveport Shooting

A Shreveport woman remains in critical condition, following a violent altercation involving a gunman.
Monday around one o'clock five shots rang out just outside the Oak Meadows Apartment Complex on Centenary Boulevard.
Police say three people were involved in an argument just before the shots were fired.
Sharon Dotie was found shot in the chest and was rushed to LSU Hospital.
Police say they have information on the suspect, but he is still not in police custody.

From Oct. 1
A 19-year-old woman remains in the hospital after an early-afternoon shooting.
Shreveport police say the woman suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. They say she was found at the corner of Olive and Cody Streets, but they think the shooting happened at the Oak Meadow Apartments at the corner of Wichita Street and Centenary Boulevard.
Police do not know why the woman was shot and say the person responsible is still at large.
However police say they do have a street alias and are pursuing other leads in the case.
The woman was taken to LSU hospital where her condition remains unknown.