Red River Revel Day 2

While many Red River Revel goers find food, look at art booths, or listen to some tunes, others make their way to the RiverView Hall for the 6th annual "Fall In Love With Quilting" show.
Dr. Don Locke--a retired dentist--highlights the 2007 show with his world famous "Supper Quilt."
"We've been to 260 places with it and 29 states and four foreign countries," he says.
The quilt models Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" masterpiece.
It's only Locke's second quilt ever.
He uses ditigal pictures for inspiration.
The former dentist uses one square inch pieces of cloth to replace pixels.
He used a picture of himself and his wife Marilyn as inspiration for his first piece of work.
He then thought, "Why not a 15 foot replica of da Vinci's work?"
"I was 65 at the time and I thought, "Well if I'm going to do this I better hurry. So when you reach that age you don't wait," he says.
Locke spent 1200 total hours during a two and a half year period on the quilt.
"It's something I've always read about, but I just hadn't had a chance to see, so it was really gorgeous," says Hemphill, TX Resident Regina Johnston.
Churches and organizations have flown Locke and his wife all over the world to showcase the piece.
It amazes the former dentist.
He never thought the quilt would leave his home.
"Leonardo gets top billing. He did all the hard work," he says.
Story By Ben Wolf