Red River Revel Opens

Leon Hoffman shows off his hand made goods at the 32nd annual Red River Revel.
"It's really fun when they come back the next year and say "There he is! There's the guy with the stuff. It makes you feel good," he says.
People from across the Ark-La-Tex experience everything from photography to bonsai at more than 100 booths at Festival Plaza.
"This is what I really love doing and finding people who enjoy my work enough to purchase it--you know it's really a high," says Martin Pothier, a vendor frrom Abilene, Texas.
"We come to see the visual arts. We get a feel of what the artists are doing," says Hallsville, Texas resident Garey Furnish.
Six headliners are set to take the stage during the next week including George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic as well as Emmylou Harris.
Other bands play at several stages in between main acts--much to the approval of festival goers.
Don't think this festival is all about music and crafts though.
There is a lot of food here too like italian ice cream stuffed oranges or catfish or even fried pickles. 
Whether it's fried or sliced, many of the 200,000+ guests say the more than two dozen food booths are what keep them coming back each year.
"Food--what does everybody enjoy about the Revel?" exclaims Benton Residednt Elizazbeth Phillips.
Whether you're old enough to appreciate world class art or young enough to just go along for the ride; if Saturday is any indication, you'll revel in this festival.
Admission to the festival ranges from free entry to $10 depending on the time and day you attend the festival, which runs through October 6.
Story By Ben Wolf