Mom Speaks Out About The Accidental Shooting Death Of Son

" If I would've let him go to his granny's house, he would still be here."
It's a thought no parent is ever prepared for. The thought of having to bury a child. It's a thought that has never crossed the mind of Richelle Gates, until now. On Wednesday inside of their home in Bossier City, her 7 year old son Demontria was accidentally shot and killed. According to police, the person who pulled the trigger, was the five year old son of Gates' boyfriend Kevin Smith.
Gates says she had just checked on her son, when she heard a loud pop, that sounded like a balloon. " He ran into my arms and I said Tray, what's wrong with you? He never said anything, he couldn't talk and then he fell onto the floor."
Gates says Demontria loved to smile, enjoyed playing with other kids, and loved a good bowl of cereal no matter what time of the day it was."He liked to eat cereal even if he had milk or not. He would ask me momma can i get some eat some cereal. I would say tray, I have to go to the store to get some. He said I'll eat them dry."
Gates says Demontria asked to spend the night away from home Tuesday night, but she wanted him home with her. And now, she wishes she would had said yes. " He asked me three times to go to his Granny's house, but I said no stay here with me."
And now as she prepares to bury the laughter and smile of  Demontria,  Gates is not only left with the questions of why it was her son that had to die, but how did the gun that killed him get into her home.  And now she wants to send a message to others about the dangers of kids playing with guns, so they too don't have to bury a child. " I read about it all the time in newspapers, and see it all the time on tv, but I never thought I would be the one it happened to me."