Two Nacogdoches Escapees Now In Custody, Plus New Surprising Arrests

The case of the three inmates that escaped from the Nacogdoches County jail took a strange turn Thursday night. One that led several different law enforcement agencies to Laredo and San Antonio, and ended with six people, including two of the escaped inmates, in custody.

According to the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, at some point in the last 48 hours Jose Portillo and Antonio Martinez were allegedly picked up by Martinez's brother, Gerardo Martinez Jr., and driven to San Antonio.

After dropping the escaped inmates off at a church in San Antonio, Martinez drove to Laredo, where he was arrested Thursday morning, and is said to have admitted what he had done.

Members of the task force waited outside the church in San Antonio, until they saw the two inmates, and a third person, Pastor Angel Serrano, leave the church and get into a car. After identifying the three, authorities stopped the car, and learned that the three were apparently going to a mall in San Antonio to meet with Martinez's parents. It is believed that the parents, Ernestina and Gerardo Martinez would then transport the pair somewhere else, possibly to the northern United States. Both inmates, both parents, the pastor, and Martinez's brother are in custody tonight.

A Nacogdoches County jailer is also suspected of helping with this escape. He learned Wednesday night and most of Thursday what it's like to be an inmate himself.   Hector Navejar, spent the night behind bars. He was arrested for helping with the escape of three county inmates.   An arrest warrant indicates that he could have possible introduced contraband into the jail. A jail phone conversation indicated that the defendant was being paid off by illegal drugs. The cell phone call mentioned in the the call was confirmed by employee records.

Instantly, any authority the 24 year old Nacogdoches man had over inmates was lost.  Navejar is expected to be released on bond.

The Texas Rangers, US Marshall's, San Antonio Police, Bexar County Sheriff, and the Bexar County District Attorney all worked in conjunction with the Nacogdoches Sheriff's office to make the arrests.

Courtesy KTRE, our sister station in Lufkin, TX