Police Warn of Elaborate Pigeon Drop Scam in South Shreveport

On the streets of South Shreveport, an old reliable scam is being played out, it's called the pigeon drop. The perpetrators use a variety of stories to make it work but it has one basic principle. "Basically the suspect promises you money," says Kacee Hargrave with the Shreveport Police Department. That recently happened with Whorely Reeves during a trip to Lowes in South Shreveport. "But he said I can't get back to Africa, I can only take out 10,000 dollars," says Reeves. Hargrave says you're promised the money but only if you produce some cash first. Then the suspects never come back. "He said by giving ya'll this amount of money, can ya'll match it? How do I know ya'll won't take the whole thing," says Reeves. So far there have been two incidents of this scam in Shreveport, Reeves says he became one of the targets Wednesday, luckily, he was a waist of time for the cons.  "I left them at Brookshires," says Reeves. Both cases happened in South Shreveport, one of them happened here at Lowes, the victim is approached by one man asking for a ride to another location, once at the other location another well- dressed man approaches with a briefcase full of money, after an elaborate story the victim is asked to go to his bank to withdraw money, luckily Reeves didn't fall for this, but he says the two men he dealt with were very convincing. "If he's going to hand you 40,000 dollars in cash money, you're going to fall for it," says Reeves. And in the other case, somebody did fall for it. "Unfortunately on Tuesday an elderly man lost quite a bit of money," says Hargrave.  They've come to Shreveport prepared. "Just be aware of what you're looking at, they're smooth talkers," warns Whorely. They have lots of money, and a well thought- out story, all they need to make the pigeon drop work is you.