Original U.S.S Shreveport Lives On In Local Elementary School

It's been through wars, seen it's share of battles, and has even been a fixture at A.C. Steere Elementary School for years. The bell that sits inside of the bell tower is one that has plenty of history behind it. Dan Waters is the former principal at Steere Elementary, and says there was a search to find the bell. "When we got through the restoration of the school, we had a bell tower but no bell."
Before the bell came to Shreveport, it was on the Shreveport, The original U.S.S. Shreveport, from 1943-46. After the ship was decommissioned back in 1946, the ship was sold for scraps, and the bell made it's way to Shreveport.
At A.C.Steere Elementary, a complete history of the original uss shreveport is on full display for parents, students and teachers to see, including the champagne bottle used to christen the ship, and part of the original crate that the bell arrived to Shreveport in.
And while the bell may hold value to some, for Laura Noland-Harter, the brass bell above steere, a school she visits as a teacher for the Caddo Parish School Board, is priceless. Her father Edwin Noland a former Navy Public Affairs Officer is responsible for bringing the bell to Steere. " This was right up his alley. He was sort of a public relations guy, he was also all about community."
Noland-Harter remembers driving by the bell as a child, and not thinking too much about it, but now that her father is gone, the bell holds a special place. She is hoping the same spirit her father passed to her about the history of the bell, will now be passed to her own children. " It'll sink in one day, kinda like it did for me, and what an honor it is to have the bell."