U.S.S. Shreveport Decommissioned After 37 Years In Service

The thought of losing her, was too much for some. "She's a part of my life..It's very emotional."
She's known as the Super Gator, and she's been a part of thousands of sailors lives for almost 40 years. Her job was simple, deliver Marines to the heart of the battle. Wednesday morning in Norfolk, VA, the crew of the USS Shreveport came to say goodbye, one last time.
Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover was on hand for the service, and says recent crewmembers he spoke with all say, their best work, came during relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina two years ago. " They expressed that was one of the most significant parts about their time and service in the military."
Petty Officer Fire Controlman Second Class Samuel Taylor agrees. Taylor is from the Alexandria area, and says one of the reasons he chose the ship, was because of where he was from. Taylor is a member on the ship, and says being able to the residents from his home state was a great honor. " We helped in St. Bernard Parish area. We helped clean up their courthouse and high school."And for anybody who's never seen the Shreveport up close and personal, Mayor Glover says there's nothing small about it. " It's a much, much bigger vessel than i could ever imagine."
And as one of her own, this former sailor bids you fair winds and following seas.