Electronic Triage System Being Considered by Emergency Officials

The system is high tech, the concept is simple: Keeping track of emergency patients electronically. "We're generating the number of patients, how many do we physically have, generating how many are severe, how many are less life threatening," explains Caddo Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Director of Operations, John Fulco.  The information is stored in a bar code that the patient is tagged with. "Every time the scanner scans this barcode, you can build upon this information," says Fulco. If it sounds familiar that's because it's been tried before Back in 2005 EMS Workers tested a similar system during a mock disaster drill. "There were some glitches," says Fulco. The tracking system from the 2005 drill reportedly shut down in the middle of gathering information. That could have proven disastrous for a patient arriving at the hospital. That's why the systems are tested in practical situations, and the new system will be tested in a practical situation as well. "Actually I've talked with them before and the only concern I have is the internet, and they are testing it behind us as we speak," says Meghan Stazak with EM System, the company who developed the system. "So far everything looks good, we may kiss a few frogs along the way but we're excited about what the potentials are, and what we can use the system for," says Fulco. If the system lives up to the concept, the electronic triage tag will become standard, and be applied in all medical emergencies in Caddo and Bossier Parishes.