Update On Ethan Powell's Condition

We have another update Ethan Powell, the little boy fighting a rare form of leukemia.

Ben and Becky Powell have put up new video of little Ethan on their website.

There is some sad news though. Yesterday Ethan suffered 12 seizures.

A family spokesperson tells KSLA News 12 Ethan could have meningitis or leukemia on the brain. The family is waiting for a series of tests to be completed on Monday.

From Oct. 1

We have an update on little Ethan Powell.

On Monday Ethan was in for therapy and lab-work.

If results from the lab work show good counts in his blood cells, then Ethan will have another bone marrow transplant in a few weeks.

Tests last week showed 100 percent of Ethan's blood cells are from his father.

But this is circulating blood only, not his bone marrow.

The family is still asking for your prayers.

A unified day of prayer has been scheduled for Sunday, October 7th.

From Sept. 26

There are new developments on the condition of little


His family says Ethan has suffered several seizures in the last five days and that tests have indicated a high number of abnormal cells.

Ethan is nine months old now, and has spent most of his young life battling a rare form of leukemia.

The family has designated Sunday, October 7th as a day of unified prayer for Ethan's health to improve.