Sharpton, Bell's Parents Ask For Federal Help With Jena 6 Investigation

Al Sharpton and the parents of Mychal Bell met with members of congress in hopes of getting federal intervention in the Jena 6 case.
Sharpton is asking for formal hearings about the justice system in Jena in hopes of getting Bell released immediately.
"We've asked the judiciary committee to formally hold hearings to look into this disparity of charges and incarcerating people based on color. We are very happy that members of congress joined us in the march last week in Jena," Sharpton said.
A Louisiana State Appeals Court recently set aside the aggravated second-degree battery conviction against Bell, the only teen to have been tried so far. But Bell remains in jail.
Meanwhile the LaSalle Parish sheriff says he's stepped up patrols because of security concerns for the families of the Jena 6."
As we reported to you on Monday, a web site featuring a swastika and racial slurs posted what claimed to be the addresses of five of the six teens, along with some phone numbers.
The site said the information was posted, quote, "in case anyone wants to deliver justice."
Local officials say there have also been threats against the student who was beaten.