Security Concerns for GM Strike

The front line of a conflict between GM and the union. "The conflict is taking place in the factory, people have different ideas about particular issues we're not involved in," says Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator. The debate is over benefits, and job security. "We're just fighting for what we think we should be getting," says GM Worker and Protestor, Ricky Dotson. Because this is the most visual aspect of a contentious debate, security here is, at least, a concern for Sheriff Prator. Some of his deputies are on a casual schedule to drive by the line. "We'll just see what happens, if we're needed we'll respond, if we're not needed we're not going to start something," says Sheriff Prator.

In it's first full day, other the waving of UAW signs, and a few poses for the camera, the strike is without incident. "Only thing bothering us is the sun, the heat," says Dotson. The only thing that could agitate these protestors more than the sun, would be someone crossing their line to work in their place, while some assure us there would be a confrontation. "Just put myself between them and the gate, or entrance way," says protestor, Lloid Dowden. Others say violence wouldn't be necessary. "This isn't about violence, it's about support for your union," says GM worker, Rick Dowdell. "I don't think nobody out here is worried about scabs or anybody coming in taking their jobs," says Dotson. The front line remains solid, and supportive of it's union, but peaceful.