UAW Members Speak Out: Day 1 of GM Strike

A dark day sets the tone for a dark time between General Motors and United Auto Workers.
"Benefits, retirements, just a lot of issues we need to get settled," says UAW Member Leroy Gibson.
UAW Members leave work putting the GM facility in their rearview mirrors.
Strikers say it's the american worker GM is leaving behind.
"They want us to build it for the same thing these third world countries build it for. This is America. This isn't Mexico. This isn't China," says UAW member Doug Ebey.
As the UAW members hold up signs in protest, they hope their holdout strikes change with their benefits.
"They're trying to just rape us on retirement. They take every bit of retirement we have," says Ebey.
"You put in 30 years, you expect for them to take care of you, adds UAW member James Bragg.
The UAW complaints don't stop with retirement.
Healthcare is also a major concern.
"We have made adjustments already for paying healthcare, paying insurance, paying for our dental. We have already made that adjustment," says a UAW member.
The strike is just hours old.
The morale remains high outside the GM gates.
These UAW workers say they will stand proud for however long it takes--rain or shine.
Story By Ben Wolf