GM Suppliers Could Feel the Pinch

"We are on strike," says a GM Worker outside the United Auto Workers 2166. Moments after the news broke that GM plant workers were on strike, they arrived at the union hall with mixed feelings concerning GM. "We have issues with GM, and we're letting our committee bargain until they feel like their work is done," says another GM worker. Now their work will be picketing. GM employees are going on strike, they spent the day Monday signing up to picket, and finding out what's next. "I hope everybody can get together for both sides and work everything out and everybody can go back to work," says Debora McKitcen, a GM Worker. However, the GM employees are not the only ones who will be affected. There are more than a dozen suppliers for GM in the Shreveport area, employing around 1500 people. Union president for the suppliers, Joey Donald tells local suppliers on the phone to continue working until managers say otherwise. He says they are not on strike. "It'll affect us eventually, but we'll work until management kicks us out or shuts us down," says Donald. The suppliers we spoke to today declined to comment on camera, however one supplier tells me, "Our employees are covered by a contract, but when GM doesn't work, we don't work." When asked if it would share with us it's plan for employees, Plastech told me on the phone, "We are not in the business of communicating with the media..." and went on to say it will share it's plan with the employees.

Story by Fred Childers