Medicaid Coverage For The Uninsured

What's your view of how best to get health care coverage to the uninsured? Expanding Medicaid, expanding private insurance coverage or something else altogether?

James "Jim" Crowley
First, I believe in the private sector doing it at an affordable cost. Secondly, since it isn't doing that good of a job of it for all the people, we should look at the government, possibly even hybrids. Also, with stipulations where those receiving beneifts, where possible, should contribute by working or volunteerism for the benefit of society-at-large in exchange for the benefits.

"Jim" Donelon
Expanding private health coverage, or a combination of public and private coverage.

Robert Lansden

Jerilyn Schneider-Kneale
I would support expanding medicaid with possible revenue generated from increased taxes on tobacco, alcohol and gambling.