Increasing Minimum Liability Insurance For Drivers

Recently the legislature sent a bill to Gov. Blanco's desk that would have increased the minimum liability insurance drivers must have. Blanco vetoed the bill. Do you believe that was the right idea?

James "Jim" Crowley
Yes I do. Insurance rates in Louisiana are too high and if I am elected auto and property insurance rates will go down.

"Jim" Donelon
I believe that the minimum liability insurance required for drivers should be increased, phased in over a three year period. While it is true that increasing minimum limits will cost drivers who purchase such policies more, it will also lower the cost of insurance for those who insure themselves beyond minimum limits as the result of other drivers haveing more drivers in place.

Robert Lansden

Jerilyn Schneider-Kneale
Yes. I believe the economy of the United States may be heading for a recession. The citizens of Louisiana cannot afford increases in auto premiums at this time. Homeowners' insurance has escalated, milk is at an all-time high and so is bread. Gasoline prices fluctuate on a weekly basis. It was just bad timing for such a bill.