Avoiding Insurance Problems After A Hurricane

What can you do to ensure insurance problems that we had during Katrina and Rita do not happen again?

James "Jim" Crowley
Use the stroke and bully pulpit of the Commissioner of Insurance office for the benefit of the people of this state or use salesmanship with them, whichever is necessary. Revisit and probably change the law back to where it was before that, where insurance companies absorb the loses instead of the citizens of this state. It's wrong.
Where Citizen's Insurance is concerned, it should never have been created under these conditions. They had no cash infusion, little mandate for re-insurance. It was doomed for failure at the outset. They haven't had financial availability for the public since inception in 2004 and they say computers cause problems. Let's all laugh.
Auction the policies off as (Sen. James David) Cain's bill would have done (SB 195 - Provides for privatization of the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation - was vetoed by Gov. Blanco). We don't need to be in the insurance business. Also, there needs to be a catastrophic federal or multistate fund set up.

"Jim" Donelon
We took extraordinary steps to protect consumers in the months after the two hurricanes, including forcing companies to keep coverage in place with
or without the payment of premiums, provide free to the consumer mediation that was used by over 12,000 policyholders to resolve their claims and
manned telephone hotlines 12 hours a day seven days a week.

Robert Lansden

Jerilyn Schneider-Kneale
Passage of the "Multiple Peril Insurance Act" which as been incorporated into the "Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act"; Bill number HR 3121 - sponsored by Rep. Maxine Water, D-California; Gene Taylor, D-Mississippi; Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana; and others.
The insurance industry currently holds two trillion (dollars) in bonds.
HR 3121 - would eliminate the "anti-concurrent causation clause", "special 'percentage' hurricane deductibles" and exclusion of "wind and hail coverage".