Bringing More Insurance Companies To Louisiana

What can be done to bring more insurance companies to the state and help with market competition?

James "Jim" Crowley
Invite more to come to Louisiana and show them where it is in their best interest to be here, also talk with the commissioners from Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas to decide on who and what is best for Louisiana.

"Jim" Donelon
We have created the Louisiana Insurance Incentive Program that will be started before the end of this year that will provide econimic incentives for
companies to increase their writings in Louisiana by 15 percent statewide, with special consideration given to coastal parishes. We also passed
legislation to abolish the Louisiana Insurance Rating Comission, a political body that harkens back to the bad old days of Louisiana politics and was the
last such body in existence in America. We have supported the creation of and defense of our new statewide building code to make our market more
attractive for companies to write new policies.

Robert Lansden

Jerilyn Schneider-Kneale
Federal investigation and regulation with compliance of anti-trust laws to include the insurance industry.