People Who Left State Still Getting To Vote

Two years after the hurricanes, many people who have moved from the state are still registered to vote here. Should people who moved away from the state two years ago still be eligible to vote in Louisiana?

"Jay" Dardenne
People who have left Louisiana involuntarily and who have not registered to vote in another state should remain eligible to vote. The legislature will have to make a policy decision as to whether it wants to authorize my office and the registrars of voters to implement any plan to remove individuals from the rolls if they have been gone for a particular period of time. This issue must be considered in light of the relatively slow results of the Road Home Program. If individuals have not chosen to register in their new place of residence, they have evidenced a desire to want to return to Louisiana. In this case, they should be allowed to vote either in person or by absentee ballot. Individuals who have registered to vote in a new state should be removed from our rolls and I have taken steps to make certain that this happens.

Scott Lewis
Individuals that still are registered in Louisiana should have the right to vote here, unless they have registered in another state.

"R." Wooley