Increasing Voter Turnout

What ideas do you have to help increase voter turnout for elections?

"Jay" Dardenne
As a senator, I passed legislation to implement a pilot program to expand early voting locations. I believe this will increase turnout and make voting more accessible and convenient for the public. Last year, I recommended to the legislature that we add an extra day of early voting. The legislature concurred and we now have early voting on two Saturdays, as well as Monday through Friday. I have been speaking about the relatively low turnout in special elections and encouraging people to exercise their right to vote. I believe this advocacy, as well as the voter registration and turnout efforts of my staff, are important elements of increasing turnout.

Scott Lewis
Voter education and voter motivation is very important. We have to give the voters confidence in the election process. More interaction with the voters should be used.

"R." Wooley