AG Office Involvement Into "Jena 6"

Would you support the Attorney General's office stepping in to take over the investigation of the so-called Jena 6?

Royal Alexander
Under Louisiana law the prosecution of criminal offenses is first and foremost in the hands of the local District Attorneys and the Attorney General cannot simply "take over" a case. In the Jena 6 case, with which I am not personally involved and of which my knowledge comes primarily from the news media, I have not seen any facts that would allow, under Louisiana law, the Attorney General to "take over" the case. However, as Attorney General it is my intention to work with the local District Attorneys and not against them as the current Attorney General has done. By working with the local District Attorneys a working relationship can be built that will allow for interaction and communication between the offices and hopefully, such interaction and communication will create an atmosphere that will provide a District Attorney, who finds himself embroiled in a politically volatile case, the resources and help needed to keep a case like the Jena 6 situation from going down the unfortunate path that it has taken. All persons have a right to fair and equal treatment under the law and as Attorney General of the State of Louisiana I will not stand for anything less.

James D. "Buddy" Caldwell
Charles C. Foti, Jr.