Enforcing Immigration Laws

What part do you feel Louisiana should play in enforcing immigration laws?

Royal Alexander
Determining the legal status of its citizens is a basic function of a State and is integral to protecting its political and governmental systems. Louisiana, more than any other State, is a true melting pot of nations and cultures. Immigrants are the foundation of the rich heritage of our State and future immigrants will be vital to the State's economic and cultural growth. However, the illegal entry of immigrants into our country and our State is a matter of grave concern. The unbridled entry of illegal immigration has been ignored for far too long and must be addressed, but it must be addressed in a manner which is fair and humane. It must also be addressed in a manner that welcomes the legal immigrant and at the same time protects the rights and property of the current citizen. Louisiana has for too long depended upon the Federal Government to tackle tough legal issues such as corruption and poverty. It is time for Louisiana to pick up the burden in many of the areas and I believe that the enforcement of immigration is one such vital area.

James D. "Buddy" Caldwell
Charles C. Foti, Jr.