Thoughts On Social Entrepreneurism

The current office holder has used his office as a strong proponent of Social Entrepreneurism. Will the effort continue with you as Lt Governor, will it increase or will it decline?

Gary J. Beard

Norris "Spanky" Gros, Jr.
The current office holder has misused this office for too long. This office will not be used for social entrepreneurism any longer. This office should be used to represent Louisiana's Tourist attractions to all surrounding states as well as those afar. This will decline and we will focus on Louisiana, on promoting our great state and all of its valuable assets. Louisiana's assets, it people, are the greatest promotion factor of all. The pride each Louisianan has should be brought out. Make our citizens proud to be a part of this state, a part of its history, and most important, and a part of its future.

Thomas D. Kates

"Sammy" Kershaw
I do believe the volunteerism is important and would actually like to see it linked to programs that could even further benefit the state. I want to look at a way to link this to retirees and hope that a volunteer incentive plan for this generation would be a start in attracting them to Louisiana instead of neighboring states.

"Mitch" Landrieu
In 1993, the Louisiana Serve Commission was established in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor to rekindle the spirit of service and citizenship among Louisianans. I am proud of the work I have done as Lieutenant Governor to promote service in Louisiana.

I will continue the state's new focus on social entrepreneurship and I am strongly committed to bringing people together to build stronger communities. I launched the Year of Service earlier this year and more than 500,000 people have volunteered in hurricane recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast to date

Throughout this Year of Service, the Louisiana Serve Commission and the Office of Social Entrepreneurship are hosting a series of educational seminars across the state entitled, Changing Louisiana: Through Volunteerism and Social Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create sustainable projects that make a difference in the lives of Louisianans. Hundreds of citizens are participating in these seminars across the state. We recently hosted a successful Changing Louisiana seminar in Shreveport.

I've also been promoting Voluntourism, the practice of adding a meaningful service component to a vacation. Voluntourism is a growing niche market for our tourism industry and a recent survey conducted by the Travel Industry Association showed that 24% of travelers were interested in taking such a vacation.

As Lieutenant Governor, I oversee the Louisiana Serve Commission which is working to build and sustain high quality programs that meet the needs of our people and promote service. Americorps Louisiana , is part of the Louisiana Serve Commission and falls under my jurisdiction. The Louisiana Serve Commission launched Louisiana's first statewide online volunteer portal to connect in-state and out-of-state volunteers with service opportunities across Louisiana. The Web site has helped more than 10,000 volunteers find an opportunity to serve with one of the more than 250 registered volunteer organizations.