Why Spend Tourism Dollars In Louisiana

Answer this question as if it were asked by someone outside the state: Why should I spend my tourism dollars in Louisiana?

Gary J. Beard

Norris "Spanky" Gros, Jr.
My answer would be this: What other state can you see such a thriving culture from the past. Our French heritage is still being taught in our schools in south Louisiana, our children are in French immersion and learning our history and our future every day along with the education that they deserve. Our state offers a variety of tourist attractions and we still have some "hidden" agendas that we plan to uncover in the near future. The Audubon Zoo is a masterpiece created by an artist with a vision. Our state parks offer an insight to the natural resources of Louisiana. South Toledo Bend state park is a beautiful place to vacation, to fish, to have family reunions as we do each year. What other state can you see Cotton fields, Sugarcane fields, rice fields and old fashioned "red clay"? Louisiana offers crabbing, craw fishing, alligator hunting as well as the traditional hunting of deer, squirrel, rabbit, etc.

Thomas D. Kates

"Sammy" Kershaw
Because there is no other state in the country like it. We can split the state in seven regions and not one region is like the other. This state has something for everyone, much of which is undiscovered by visitors from other states. I look forward to introducing these unique attractions to millions of people from all walks of life.

"Mitch" Landrieu
I always tell potential visitors that this is a great time to visit Louisiana. Our state is one of the most authentic destinations in the world. We offer food, music, art and culture that aren't found anywhere else. In Louisiana, you are able to share a unique experience and receive unmatched hospitality at an exceptional value.

I also encourage people around the world to take an active role in our recovery by visiting our state. During our recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, I believe that people around the nation not only want to help us, but genuinely sense an obligation to come to Louisiana and support our shops, hotels, restaurants, small businesses and other attractions that depend on tourism dollars.