Students At Midway Elementary Told To Go To Oak Park

For Liscila Gregg, the news she received yesterday from her 2 sons came as a complete shock.  They were no longer students at the school she says they've attended for years. "They've never informed us at all about anything. We got a letter the same day." Her children and about 40 others, all Midway Elementary School, and on Wednesday as they were walking out of class for the day, they were handed a letter, saying that Wednesday would be their last day, and would need to attend another school.
According to the letter, the address where Gregg and her sons live is not in the midway school district. Instead it's Oak Park where the Caddo Parish School Board says her kids should be attending. Now Gregg wants to know why she and other parents weren't told sooner. " They come around and pick them up everyday, and now all of sudden they don't want to pick them up anymore, because they're not in route. There's something more to that."
According to officials with the Caddo Parish School Board, Midway Elementary notified the parents of students who received letter about the change. The school board also says it checks the addresses on records after the beginning of the school year. Up until this point the Caddo Parish School Board says it hasn't received any calls from parents concerning the matter.
As for Liscila Gregg, she's preparing not only her sons but herself for the change, but just wishes she was given more time. " It would've been better if only they woud've informed us about it, I don't think it's fair for my kids to have to go through that or myself."