New Joint Intelligence Task Force Brings Law Enforcement Agencies Together

The topic of crime is one Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover deals with daily, and now he's about to receive some help. Thursday, Mayor Glover announced the creation of a Joint Intelligence Task Force, he says will help with the crime problem. " By breaking down the walls, tearing down the barriers and putting people in a position to talk, share, network, i think we can be a lot more effective."
Under the Joint Intelligence Task Force, law enforcement agencies in Northwest Louisiana, will be working together and sharing information they say is crucial in putting away criminals. The 16 agencies would meet once a month to discuss recent crime trends in the area, and exchage information about potential suspects.
Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn says the idea will help in cleaning up the streets. " It gives us an opportunity to identify those indivduals we believe are responsible for most of the violent crime in the area."
While the guys in ties may think the idea is great, citizens also like the new plan. " I think certainly a collaboration of different agencies is the way to spread the word and collaborate and crack down on crime." " I think it's a good idea what the mayor is doing, to try and bring the crime down."
Both Mayor Glover and Chief Whitehorn say they know for a fact the plan will work, and Mayor Glover says he has a message for anybody might think differently. " We're all waiting for you. And if you do something wrong, we're going to all look together and put you away."