Question 9 - Teacher Pay

Do you believe that the teacher pay strategy should place more emphasis on teacher performance and student achievement, or on teacher seniority and degree level?

B. Alexandrenko
Teacher pay emphasis should be on teacher seniority and degree level with bonus incentives for performance and student achievement. This will attract talent.

Walter J. Boasso

Foster Campbell
Merit pay programs for teachers have been tried in several states and districts, but few if any have been fair or effective. Judging teachers on the basis of a single test score like the LEAP, without regard to the academic skills of individual students, is not advisable. All teachers should be paid adequately and expected to perform well. If they don't, schools and districts should work to improve their performance and winnow them out if they are determined to be ineffective.

Vincent Mark Castillo

Sheldon Forest
Seniority and degree because as in Texas, achievement can be falsified.

Anthony "Tony G" Gentile
Teacher performance and student achievement. To date I believe I am the only candidate that can aggressively address the ailing public school system in Louisiana with a low cost high impact plan. My plan will increase student performance and set Louisiana up to be in the mid range (25-30 ranking) in four years. This isn't rocket science and our children are just as smart as kids in other states. We've made some advancements but we're still missing the mark.

John Georges
Teacher pay should include bonuses based on performance and student achievement in addition to their salary set by seniority and degree level. Pay-for-performance plans increase accountability, boost student achievement and retain quality teachers. Further, incentives serve as an effective means to attract quality teachers to low-performing schools and under-staffed departments.

T. Lee Horne III
"Bobby" Jindal

M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza
My goal is to provide the highest pay in the nation to our teachers. At the same token, we are going to demand that highest results in the nation from our teachers through student achievement. This can only occur when teachers receive advanced training even when they are senior teachers with the proper credentials. We are going to train all of our teachers to mirror and instruct the Japanese educational system.

Arthur D. "Jim" Nichols
I believe teacher pay strategy should be based on teacher performance, student achievement, teacher security and degree level.

Hardy Parkerson
Mary Volentine Smith