Question 8 - Movie Tax Credits

Do you support the continued use of tax credits like the movie production credit? Are there any you would discontinue?

B. Alexandrenko

Walter J. Boasso

Foster Campbell
Without an income tax, there will be no need for income tax credits like the movie production credit. Producers, like many other businesses, will find Louisiana a much more attractive location for business because I will eliminate both the corporate and personal income taxes.

Vincent Mark Castillo

Sheldon Forest
Yes, Louisiana will be the new Hollywood. Yes, with common sense applied.

Anthony "Tony G" Gentile
Absolutely, we need the business here and I would try to get a production company to base here in Louisiana. Right now they make the money and take the royalties back to LA or New York. Lets keep that money here and encourage them to invest in Louisiana.

John Georges
Louisiana should continue the use of tax credits and incentives to attract businesses and stimulate new industry. In addition, we must make the permitting and licensing processes simple and timely for new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

T. Lee Horne III
"Bobby" Jindal

M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza
I will balance out the temporary jobs that they provide for our people versus the advantages that we are giving them.

Arthur D. "Jim" Nichols
I support continued use of tax credits. At this point in time I'm not aware of any I would want to discontinue.

Hardy Parkerson
Mary Volentine Smith