Question 7 - Stelly Tax

What about the Stelly tax... eliminate it, further modify it, or leave it as it is?

B. Alexandrenko
The Stelly tax should be trashed. All it does is shift funds from giving to nonprofits.

Walter J. Boasso

Foster Campbell
My plan to eliminate the income tax completely makes discussion of the Stelly tax moot.

Vincent Mark Castillo

Sheldon Forest
Stelly Plan seems to be confusing. I believe in simplicity so I will study it and modify.

Anthony "Tony G" Gentile
I touched on it above for personal income tax. For businesses we need to adjust the rate. If a flat tax is not palatable then we need to slide the scale back some. Stelly pushed the burden of the taxes the upper income and businesses. Not a good thing when we're trying to attract new business to Louisiana and make it affordable for the existing businesses. Good state tax systems levy low, flat rates on the broadest bases possible, and they treat all taxpayers the same. Variation in the tax treatment of different industries favors one economic activity or decision over another. The more riddled a tax system is with these politically motivated preferences the less likely it is that business decisions will be made in response to market forces

John Georges
I support repealing what is left of the Stelly tax and restoring tax deductions to their pre-Stelly level.

T. Lee Horne III
"Bobby" Jindal

M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza
Eliminate it.

Arthur D. "Jim" Nichols
I would strongly recommend that we leave Rep. Vic Stellys tax plan as it is.

Hardy Parkerson
Mary Volentine Smith