Question 3 - Classified State Employee Raises

One state employee says this is the first time in 16 years that Classified State Employees got a raise. She wants to know that since it is the norm for raises to go to faculty or higher education, what is the plan for raise incentives for Classified State Employees?

B. Alexandrenko
I will push legislation for pay raises and incentives for classified state employees.

Walter J. Boasso

Foster Campbell
State employees, like those in education, should be paid adequately and receive salaries that reflect the rising cost of living. I will consider an incentive program for employees who devise methods that streamline red-tape or that save the state money.

Vincent Mark Castillo

Sheldon Forest
I believe all employees should get a small cost-of-living raise every year of one-to-three percent including minimum wage.

Anthony "Tony G" Gentile
I don't make many promises on the campaign trail but I have committed myself to an increase of all state workers over the next four years of 16-20%. I will institute a hiring freeze and we may start cross training on jobs to facilitate any openings due to attrition. In return for this generous raise in pay although overdue I'll expect flawless performance in meeting the needs of the citizens.

John Georges
I support Governor Blanco's pay increases for all Classified and Unclassified State Employees. I will work with the legislature to provide timely pay raises that compensate for cost-of-living fluctuations. Furthermore, I will assess the state's budget, redirect funds, and cut inefficient and duplicative programs to guarantee available monies for state employee pay raises.

T. Lee Horne III
"Bobby" Jindal

M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza
I believe that faculty or higher education and Classified State Employees should receive an annual performance report from at least two but preferably three levels of supervisors above them. I believe that top performers deserve pay raises at least every other year and outstanding performers deserve promotions. However, lethargic employees that normally earn their wages without production then they do not deserve to be part of a norm. There are some employees that ignore you when you come to them for customer service, there are others that sit around and do not produce any work at all and they are more concerned about answering their cell phone or about going out for their smoke or coffee break. Louisiana is in a desperate need to trim our work force, we need to get rid of the dead bits and give incentives to those that are go getters and produce more than what it is expected of them.

Arthur D. "Jim" Nichols
I'm so thankful this lady brought this up. This is the biggest problem we have in our lives and no one's talking about it. Unfortunately when we raise pay, prices, or taxes our national currency, the U.S. Dollar, loses more of its value. Since I graduated high school in 1956 the U.S. Dollar has lost 90% of its value.

Hardy Parkerson
Mary Volentine Smith