Question 2 - Hunter's Rights

What are your views on hunter's rights and do you feel any changes need to be made to the state's current hunting laws?

B. Alexandrenko
My father and brothers have always hunted and collected guns. I support hunters' rights and the current hunting laws as is in Louisiana. It balances responsibility with safe practices, with preservation in mind. We love to hunt in out "sportsman's paradise" and will continue to protect this.

Walter J. Boasso

Foster Campbell
As the sponsor of the Youth Hunting Days program and an active hunter myself, I see no need for changes in current hunting laws.

Vincent Mark Castillo

Sheldon Forest
Resident hunters will stay the same. Out-of-state hunters must pay a much higher license fee to help preserve game for us.

Anthony "Tony G" Gentile
I'll be honest I haven't hunted in over twenty-five years so I am not up to date on current laws. I do believe that hunting is a great sport that teaches youngsters respect for firearms and gives them quality time with their parents. I would not support any law that would hinder or restrict Louisianans from this enjoying the wildlife.

John Georges
I recognize that hunters are an integral part of wildlife conservation. From the hours they put in as volunteers to the $300 million dollars they contribute annually to wildlife conservation, it is important that hunters retain their rights so they can continue restoring game populations and enhancing habitats of numerous wildlife species. I will maintain a close relationship with the NRA-ILA to directly meet the needs of Louisiana's sportsmen when considering legislation or executive policymaking that will impact hunters.

T. Lee Horne III
"Bobby" Jindal

M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza
I don't think that any changes are need at this time.

Arthur D. "Jim" Nichols
I was born in Louisiana 69 years ago. From as far back as I can remember we've been called Sportsman Paradise. I, myself and all of my friends, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances hunt and fish. Everything in life comes in too much, not enough, and just right. Too much is called abuse, just right is called use, and too much is called waste. So, as intelligent beings, our choices are use, abuse or waste. I think that not just hunting laws but in all laws we have too much.

Hardy Parkerson
Mary Volentine Smith