Jerilyn Schneider-Kneale

1. What can be done to bring more insurance companies to the state and help with market competition?
Federal investigation and regulation with compliance of anti-trust laws to include the insurance industry.

2. What can you do to ensure insurance problems that we had during Katrina and Rita do not happen again?
Passage of the "Multiple Peril Insurance Act" which as been incorporated into the "Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act"; Bill number HR 3121 - sponsored by Rep. Maxine Water, D-California; Gene Taylor, D-Mississippi; Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana; and others.
The insurance industry currently holds two trillion (dollars) in bonds.
HR 3121 - would eliminate the "anti-concurrent causation clause", "special 'percentage' hurricane deductibles" and exclusion of "wind and hail coverage".

3. Recently the legislature sent a bill to Gov. Blanco's desk that would have increased the minimum liability insurance drivers must have. Blanco vetoed the bill. Do you believe that was the right idea?
Yes. I believe the economy of the United States may be heading for a recession. The citizens of Louisiana cannot afford increases in auto premiums at this time. Homeowners' insurance has escalated, milk is at an all-time high and so is bread. Gasoline prices fluctuate on a weekly basis. It was just bad timing for such a bill.

4. What's your view of how best to get health care coverage to the uninsured? Expanding Medicaid, expanding private insurance coverage or something else altogether?
I would support expanding medicaid with possible revenue generated from increased taxes on tobacco, alcohol and gambling.