James "Jim" Crowley

1. What can be done to bring more insurance companies to the state and help with market competition?

Invite more to come to Louisiana and show them where it is in their best interest to be here, also talk with the commissioners from Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas to decide on who and what is best for Louisiana.

2. What can you do to ensure insurance problems that we had during Katrina and Rita do not happen again?

Use the stroke and bully pulpit of the Commissioner of Insurance office for the benefit of the people of this state or use salesmanship with them, whichever is necessary. Revisit and probably change the law back to where it was before that, where insurance companies absorb the loses instead of the citizens of this state. It's wrong.

Where Citizen's Insurance is concerned, it should never have been created under these conditions. They had no cash infusion, little mandate for re-insurance. It was doomed for failure at the outset. They haven't had financial availability for the public since inception in 2004 and they say computers cause problems. Let's all laugh.

Auction the policies off as (Sen. James David) Cain's bill would have done (SB 195 - Provides for privatization of the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation - was vetoed by Gov. Blanco). We don't need to be in the insurance business. Also, there needs to be a catastrophic federal or multistate fund set up.

3. Recently the legislature sent a bill to Gov. Blanco's desk that would have increasd the minimum liability insurance drivers must have. Blanco vetoed the bill. Do you believe that was the right thing to do?

Yes I do. Insurance rates in Louisiana are too high and if I am elected auto and property insurance rates will go down.

4. What's your view of how to best get health care coverage to the uninsured? Expanding Medicaid, expanding private insurance coverage or something else altogether?

First, I believe in the private sector doing it at an affordable cost. Secondly, since it isn't doing that good of a job of it for all the people, we should look at the government, possibly even hybrids. Also, with stipulations where those receiving beneifts, where possible, should contribute by working or volunteerism for the benefit of society-at-large in exchange for the benefits.