Scott Lewis

Do you feel Louisiana has too many election dates during the year and if so, do you plan on eliminating some of them?
Considering the magnitude of the state it is important that we stage elections in various stages and years. If you tried to have all elections at one time the voters would not have the opportunity to comprehend the long list of candidates and issues.

What ideas do you have to help increase voter turnout for elections?
Voter education and voter motivation is very important. We have to give the voters confidence in the election process. More interaction with the voters should be used.

How widespread do you feel voter fraud is in the state? If you feel it's a problem, do you have any plans for addressing it?
I have not heard about voter fraud. In the event that it needs to be addressed, there are a multitude of methods that maybe used.

Two years after the hurricanes, many people who have moved from the state are still registered to vote here. Should people who moved away from the state two years ago still be eligible to vote in Louisiana?
Individuals that still are registered in Louisiana should have the right to vote here, unless they have registered in another state.