Sheldon Forest

What plans do you have keep our high school students from becoming drop outs and staying in school?
Most dropouts are using drugs. I will declare war on drugs. As we begin to win one the other will follow.

What are your views on hunter's rights and do you feel any changes need to be made to the state's current hunting laws?
Resident hunters will stay the same. Out-of-state hunters must pay a much higher license fee to help preserve game for us.

One state employee says this is the first time in 16 years that Classified State Employees got a raise. She wants to know that since it is the norm for raises to go to faculty or higher education, what is the plan for raise incentives for Classified State Employees?
I believe all employees should get a small cost-of-living raise every year of one-to-three percent including minimum wage.

People and businesses across northwest Louisiana want to see Interstate 49 finshed, yet only bits and pieces of it are being worked on. What are your plans for getting I-49 finshed in northwest Lousiana and what is your timetable to get it done?
My first order of business will be to finish old projects including I-49.

State economists said this week the next governor could possibly see an extra one-billion dollars in reveune for next year. What would be your plans for the extra funding?
Finish old projects and implement my master plan to provide safe shelter and services for homeless, handicapped, ect.

In the last session, the legislature made long-term commitments on short-term "one time" money. If it becomes necessary, to either cut government spending or increases taxes... which would you do and why?
a. If the answer to the above is "cut spending"-- in which departments and programs?
b. If the answer to the above is "increase taxes," which ones?
i. Property taxes
ii. Sales taxes
iii. Individual income taxes
iv. Corporate income taxes
v. Other corporate taxes

I plan to cut spending by one-third and increase taxes.
A. Reduce the number of state owned cars and trucks, create our own road overlay crews, decrease medical spending by streamlining services (and) address previous overspending issues.
B. Eliminate personal income tax, increase state sales tax to compensate plus 10% for inflation. All water belongs to the state. Tax the transportation of it via pipeline, barge or truck. When you want more water, you pay.
C. Cost of gas went up 2 1/2 fold but our tax on it stayed about the same. Increase tax on gas or fuels to adjust dollar for dollar, not by the gallon.

What about the Stelly tax... eliminate it, further modify it, or leave it as it is?
Stelly Plan seems to be confusing. I believe in simplicity so I will study it and modify.

Do you support the continued use of tax credits like the movie production credit? Are there any you would discontinue?
Yes, Louisiana will be the new Hollywood. Yes, with common sense applied.

Do you believe that the teacher pay strategy should place more emphasis on teacher performance and student achievement, or on teacher seniority and degree level?
Senority and degree because as in Texas, achievement can be falsified.

Do you think the state should continue to operate 10 charity hospitals? If so, should LSU maintain authority over them?
Yes, structure to be overhauled as part of streamlining plan.