Lost Wallet Turns Mystery Couple into Good Samaritans

A lost wallet turned an Ark-La-Tex couple into modern day good samaritans.  It's the kind of story that provides a subtle reminder to some that there are plenty of good people out there.

At the Cash Point boat launch in north Bossier Parish, a fishing expedition began Saturday morning without a hitch, or so Tony Prestige thought.  "He thought he had set his wallet on the top of the truck, thought he'd get it later, thought one of the other guys had picked the wallet up and put it in the truck," said Tony's wife Allyson.

But, they never found the wallet that day.  So, Allyson went in to action.  "I began to start calling the credit cards and the debit cards to cancel and then it donned on him that we would have to go to DMV on Monday and everything else."

Then came a knock on their front door in Shreveport Sunday afternoon.  A couple hand delivered the lost wallet.  Allyson Prestidge continued, "so, my husband walked them out to the car and asked him if he could repay them for their kindness.  And, they wouldn't accept it and we never knew their names."

It turns out, that couple had actually gone to the Prestige's home three times on Saturday but no one was home and they never saw the notes left on the front door by the mystery couple.

When it comes to news of this good deed we thought it might surprise some people to see some honest folks out there.  But, that's not the reaction we found at Cash Point.  In fact, Hurricane Katrina evacuee Sidney Hamilton said he's not the least bit surprised.  "No man, 'cause like I said, I'm an evacuee man and the people up here in Bossier City have been very nice to me.  So, that don't surprise me, at all."

As for Allyson and Tony Prestidge, the good samaritans made a big impression, whoever they were.  "It makes you realize that there are still very honest, true, unselfish people in the world, when there's so much going on."