Jena 6 Rally

Thousand from across the country traveled to Jena, Louisiana on Thursday (09/20) in support of the Jena 6 - six young African American students arrested after a serious fight at their local high school.

Civil rights advocates, college students and supporters, dressed symbolically in black, made the long journey from their homes to the tiny central Louisiana community of Jena.

There were familiar speakers in attendance, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH Coalition and talk show host and preacher, the Rev. Al Sharpton.

However the bulk of people who came were average citizens and they were more than willing to explain why they had to come.

"Here to show my support to them because we don't believe in what has happened -- or we don't believe in the justice of what has transpired thus far."

"We're here to make a statement about racism. It's wrong altogether, and we hope that by coming out we can show that it's not only the African Americans who believe that. Everyone should."

"I figure the only way we can change things is to have an outpouring of people. And public opinion should pay more attention - or become aware of what happened."