Bouncer Speaks Out About Discrimination Allegations

On Tuesday James Kropp, a man with cerebral palsy, said night club owner George Kaskoutas kicked him out of the RWB establishment at the Louisiana Boardwalk because of his disability.
James Brison, a former RWB bouncer, now speaks out about the allegations.
"His exact words were just that: don't allow anyone else like that in the club," he says.
The bouncer says when Kaskoutas told him not to allow disabled people into the club he responded by saying that is not only immoral, but illegal.
Brison says the club owner called him into his office later that night.
"I told him once again, 'I wasn't going to be the one to do it and at that point in time he informed me that I no longer had a position with the company," says Brison.  
KSLA News 12 took the issue to attorney Pam Jones who specializes in discrimination.
She says if the allegations are true, it's very likely that both Kropp and Brison have cases.
"The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits entities--commercial businesses including night clubs and restaurants from discriminating against someone based on a disability," she says.
She goes on to say, "Now the employee would have a complaint of retaliation under different aspects of the A.D.A. It would be an employment claim. There would also be employment retaliation claim available the employee under state law."
KSLA News 12 contacted RWB owner George Kaskoutas.
He refused comment.
His attorney Ron Miciotto didn't return our phone calls.
Kropp plans to sue.
As for James Brison:
"Yes I am currently seeking legal counsel on this," he says.