Infant Allegedly Injured By Her Mother Dies

UPDATED 4:30 PM - We have new developments in the tragic case of a newborn critically injured, allegedly by her mother.

That infant we're told died Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-day-old infant, Christine Martorano, reportedly died at 3:28 Wednesday afternoon while on the ventilatory. You might recall there was a question from doctors of whether to take Christine off life support, but we're told she died while on life support.

The baby's mother, Michelle Martorano, is currently charged with second degree battery and second degree cruelty to a juvenile.

We're told now she'll be charged with 2nd degree murder.

Investigators say Montorano confessed that she had thrown her then 15-day-old child onto the bed. The child reportedly bounced off the bed and hit her head.

Investigators say Martorano also confessed to yanking the infant up by the arm and heard it break.

Doctors told investigators the child suffered a cracked skull and two breaks in the arm.

From 4:00 pm

Bossier investigators say 19-year-old Michelle Martorano told them that in a fit of rage, she threw her 15-day-old child across the room because she wouldn't stop crying.

A doctor told detectives the child, named Christine, had a fractured skull and two breaks in her arm.

"The child is being kept alive by drugs and the ventilators," says Ed Baswell with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

As of noon Wednesday she was in the same condition as Tuesday at Suttons Children's Hospital.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office says a team of doctors will meet Wednesday afternoon to determine whether the child should be taken off life support. If the child does not make it, the charges to the mother could be upgraded.

"The child's body would be sent to Little Rock for an autopsy. We would take that information, glean from the autopsy to determine what kind of charges to file against the mother," says Baswell.

Michelle lived in a mobile home with her 11-month-old son and boyfriend. Baswell says, "As it stands now the boyfriend was not in the home when this happened, he was at work."

We were kicked off the property at the Timberline Trailer Park by someone claiming to be the owner. But before that, a neighbor told us he believes Martorano suffers from bipolar disorder.

"(I) don't have any information on that. (I) haven't heard anything along those lines," says Baswell.

Whatever her reasons, the Bossier Sheriff's office seems focused on the mother, and is willing to hold her accountable for allegedly bringing her own daughter to the brink of death. However, there will come a time when investigators look at all the information and will decide if any other people should be charged.

Story by Fred Childers