EXCLUSIVE: Mother Admits Lying to Police; Says She Dropped Baby

A Carthage mother confesses to KSLA News 12; she dropped her baby.  The revelation comes as police are investigating her for chidl abuse.

The baby's father has already been charged with abusing her.

The mother says she didn't tell police the truth because she didn't want to go to jail, or lose her children.

"I don t get to see them anymore," cried Christina Jasso.

At nineteen years old, she had three kids and they've all been taken away from her.

Six month old Mya is the youngest.  Mya went blind in August after being air lifted to a Shreveport hospital, for the second time.  She was placed in ICU, again, for the second time.

She had a bleeding brain that was rapidly swelling.

The first time it happened, "the doctors first instinct was that the child had been shaken, which is called shaken baby syndrome," explained Carthage, Assistant Police Chief, Michelle Jeter.

The baby's father told police, child was had fallen off a matress.  When the measurements didn't add up, the father was arrested and accused of abuse.

"He was the only one there when the child started throwing up and that s normally the first sign that a child has been shaken," said Assistant Chief Jeter.

Again, that was back in March.  In May 2007, Christiana got her kids back.  On August 23, police say it happened again.

"O, I was furious," recalled Assistant Chief Jeter.

Now, Jeter considers Christina a suspect.  Jetter says her story doesn't add up.

"The girl that she said babysat the child has never babysat the child," said Jeter.

That is all KSLA News 12 knew until we interviewed Christina outside her home in Carthage.

She told us she dropped Mya, and waited more than twelve hours before getting help.

"Well, I was scared and I thought they were going to arrest me and I wanted to be there for my child in the hospital, so that's why I didn't tell them," said Christina.

"Do you realize what the police are going to think when they watch this," asked reporter, David Begnaud.

"Yeah," responded Christina.

"Did you lie to them in the beginning," asked Begnaud.

"I told them the truth.  I just didn t tell them I fell with her," says Christiana.  "I wish I would have, though."

Reported by: David Begnaud