Disabled Man Says Night Club Owner Discriminates

James Kropp is a big time LSU fan, has two degrees from Louisiana Tech, and does data entry for an Ark-La-Tex company.
He loves going to night clubs in Shreveport-Bossier.
"He comes in, gets his drink. He talks to us," says his friend, Kristen Maxey.
Kropp has Cerebral Palsy, a disorder which permanently affects his body movement and muscle coordination.
Last Saturday he went to the RWB Club at the Louisiana Boardwalk.
Kropp says "I was sitting there watching the game and that was it! I had just gotten a drink. I barely had a sip when the manager said follow me."
"I didn't know why," says Kropp.
The Shreveport man says RWB owner george Kaskoutas told him to leave the club immediately.
Kropp went directly to friend Christy Crook.
She confronted Kaskoutas later in the evening.
"He came out and spoke with me and said that people like that should have a caretaker when they come into the club," says Crook.
Kropp's friends are irrate.
"He had no right to cast him out the way that he did," says Crook.
"It makes me sick that one person could actually be that way," adds Maxey.
Kropp goes on to claim in his statement: "After the way the manager treated and acted toward me i feel it my obligation to make him, other businesses and other clubs aware of what the consequences will be for being disrespectful to disabled people."
"I was shocked because I go out all the time," he says.>
George Kaskoutas and his attorney Ron Miciotto tell KSLA News 12 they refuse to comment at this time.
As for the Louisiana Boardwalk, executives say they can't police internal matters with the 72 different businesses leasing space on their property.
"When a landlord leases property to a business you expect a business to conduct their business in a fashion that makes good sense you know upholds what needs to happen," says property manager Ray Tromba.