EXCLUSIVE: City Councilman Driving with Suspended License

A Shreveport City Councilman is accused of driving with a suspended license, after missing court for a traffic violation.
It was 12:11pm, January 9. 
Calvin Lester was ticketed for going 45 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone.
He missed his court date in February, and has been driving with a suspended license since June.
"Did you get a tip that I was looking into this," asked reporter David Begnaud.
"I don't want to answer that question," responded Lester.
It seemed suspicious that Lester remembered his January speeding ticket, on September 17th; the very same day KSLA News 12 sat outside Lester's office to see if he would drive with a suspended license.
"When you're in the public eye, as I am, you take responsibility for your action or nactions," said Lester.
We watched Lester, outside his office Monday, doing what he should've done.  He got an unidentified male to drive him to a downtown bank.  Then, Lester was driven to City Court.  Inside, with money in his hand, Lester paid twelve dollars and fifty cents to have his driver's license re-instated.  It's the cost for missing court, and having his driver's license suspended.
"Why didn't you pay your ticket when you got it in January," asked Begnaud.
"Forgot about it," said Lester.
"You forgot about your court date in February," asked Begnaud.
"Yes," replied Lester.
This is not the first time Lester has missed court.
Since 1998, a judge has signed ten different arrest warrants for Lester because he didn't show up in court.
"I do an outstanding job taking care of the business for my constituents, but I don't do as good a job taking care of my own business," said Lester.
For that past business, the Assistant City Attorney at the time, Terrell Myles, nolle prossed each ticket.  That means, Myles chose not to prosecute Lester nearly ever time the police ticketed him.
Only once, since 1998, did Lester plead guilty and pay a fine.  Then, he was cited for driving under suspension, but the charge was knocked down to a no driver's license.
The councilman denys ever asking for special favors, especially in this case.
"If I was going to do that, it would have been easy if I wanted to do that, to call someone and say please take care of that for me. I didn t do that. I simply forgot to come and deal with it," aid Lester.
The councilman is not the only person driving around with a suspended drivers license.
Seven to eight hundred people a month have their license suspended because they too missed court.
Councilman Lester would not say whether or not he was going to pay his speeding ticket.  The payment made Monday was only to have his license re-instated.
He told KSLA News 12 he will wait to find out when his court day is before deciding what to do about the ticket.
KSLA News 12 will follow the paper trail to find out what Councilman Lester decides to do.

Reported by David Begnaud