One Week, Three Homicides For Texarkana

Within the last seven days, Texarkana has recorded three homicides. That's more than they usually see in a year. Officers say none of them are related.

When police began investigating a homicide in Grady Wallace Park last week, they had no idea two other murders would quickly follow.

Thomas Hunter Davis was arrested in that case, but even before the paperwork was done on that investigation, there was a second murder and police were in pursuit of Luther Caldwell. Then before he could be apprehended, a third murder. This time it was a two-year-old child. Police have charged both her father, Neil DeWitt and LaToya Smith with capitol murder in connection with the child's death. Both were in the home at the time she was allegedly abused.

Three murders in a weeks time is highly unusual for Texarkana, but police say none of the crimes are related in any way.

It's been especially taxing on investigators who are accustomed to seeing that many homicides in an entire year, not seven days.

Texarkana police say the community has played an important role in getting these crimes solved so quickly.

Now with hundreds of hours of overtime on the clock, and crime scene investigations done, tons of paperwork must follow which has put police behind on other crime investigations, but they are hoping to get caught up later this week.