Police Officers and Fire Fighters Prepare for Battle of the Badges

From the smack talk, to the ring girls, Battle of the Badges promises all the thrills of a top card fight. "It's going to be a Vegas Style event," says fighter and SPD Police Officer, Cpl. Michael Crisp.  "The most part it's going to be Bossier Fire Department and Shreveport Police Department," says Cpl. Jason Brook, also with police. For the first time in three years, Brook won't be able to fight because of an injury, but he does promise to impart his expertise to his cop buddies from the corner.

And if you think just because they're cops and fire fighters the rounds won't get a little un-ruly....consider this: A previous battle of the badges, not only was the hit late, the left hook almost landed on the referee, but it was blocked by his arm.

Last year the blue lost, no hard feelings right? Wrong. Today (Monday) the smack of the gloves echo in the police academy gym, where Shreveport Police Officers Jason Broock and Michael Crisp are training, they both lost last year. Brook says "They brought in some good people last year." In fact some might even say above average. "Went to a decision, lost, it was the first year we had an MMA and I actually fought a professional MMA fighter," says Crisp. This is Cpl. Crisps third year for the battle, and he hopes all his training pays off this Saturday. "Mike's doing a good job he's come a long way over the last couple of years, and I think he's going to do really well," says Brook. Crisp also hopes for a good turn out. "The money will be directly contributed to the mounted patrol division of the SPD," says Crisp. A cause these cop/fighters feel is worthy of taking a few knocks for.

The eleven card event will take place this Saturday, Sept. 22nd. Tickets are on sale at Harley Davidson dealers in Shreveport and Bossier City. Or you can purchase tickets at